Work Injury Care

Workforce Health System are experts in occupational medicine, serving the workforce for over a decade to keep companies productive and profitable. Our successful approach to quality patient care is effective communication with the patient, employer and payor to improve the patient’s recovery, enhance the global experience and reduce the time to return to work full duty.
Our 21st century infrastructure, treatment philosophies and efficient outcomes have industry recognition, which is the vehicle for our rapid expansion:

  • CLAIM CLOSURE is how a provider is measured in occupational medicine. Workforce Health System Centers’ 14-15 day A to Z claim closure average is one of the best if not the best.
  • TRANSPORTATION for injury care by Workforce Health System Centers is vital in maintaining treatment compliance to deliver one of the fastest return to work rates in occupational medicine.
  • WAIT TIMES are minimal at Workforce Health System Centers due to efficient patient flow and treatment times without sacrificing quality medical care.
  • ACCESS to quality occupational medicine is delivered in close to 47 Workforce Health System Centers in Texas.
  • WALK-IN and instant access to care is the standard at Workforce Health System Centers.