Travel Medicine and Vaccinations

International travel health concerns? No problem! Workforce Health System  can help you with that! Along with our industry recognized work injury care and pre-employment services, Workforce Health System also offers travel medicine and vaccinations.

Getting the proper vaccinations or medications prior to traveling to a foreign country can help prevent potential highly contagious and/or deadly diseases. Workforce Health System provides pre-travel consultation, including health and safety information customized to your destination. Your travel health consultation will include a personal medical history and assessment of travel plans along with any special considerations that need review. Our centers stay up-to-date on information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization and we follow internationally recommended guidelines.

Plan ahead! Employees planning to travel should preferably schedule an appointment with Workforce Health System four to six weeks prior to the travel date as most vaccines need time to become effective or some may need to be given in more than one dose.

Traveling in less than four weeks? Don’t worry! Employees will still benefit from the vaccines, medications and other health and safety measures Workforce Health System can provide. Please note that appointments are required in order to make sure Workforce Health System has an adequate supply of travel vaccines on hand.

Call your Workforce Health System to inquire about our travel medicine and vaccinations service.