Occupational Health Services


This aspect of practice focuses on helping individuals, companies, organizations and communities with issues related to environmental exposures. It entails evaluating and treating environmental exposures like lead poisoning, pesticide exposures, exposures to laundry or dry cleaning chemicals; and exposures to such other chemicals ike, Asbestos, Chromium VI compounds; Coal tars,; Vinyl chloride; Benzene; Nickel compounds; Arsenic and its compounds; Beryllium and its compounds; Mercury; Cadmium and its compounds.


From time to time you will be in need of medical expertise to answer questions or provide research. Workforce Health System provides highly experienced consulting services including medical advice on occupational injuries or diseases, environmental health issues, and clinic treatment or supervision for specific employees.


We also have WALK INS for non-work related Injuries and skin diseases. We also accept walk-ins for school or sports physicals.

Note that we do not treat non-work related diseases; neither do we treat cases that should go to the Emergency room.

We do not accept any form of walk in or immediate care within one hour of our closing. This is because we like to treat our patients in an unhurried manner to ensure no mistakes will be made, and the patient enjoys the encounter.

Worker compensation
This includes medical services related to Worker’s Compensation injuries and Diseases; Case management; Needle stick injuries.

Drug screen
This includes regulated and Non regulated; Hair Collection; Alcohol breath testing

Consultation Services:
Workforce Health System provides a range of consulting services that include medical advice concerning Occupational injuries and diseases; or consultations on environmental Health issues by companies, and individuals.
We provide care for walk-ins including:
Walk in injuries including auto injuries,
School and sports physicals.

Lifestyle Medicine